This simple trick prevents the police from ever giving you a speeding ticket again!

“This simple trick prevents the police from ever giving you a speeding ticket again!”

Every year hundreds get caught in police speed controls for driving too fast — with a great many caught by automatic speed cameras.

But did you know there’s a way to avoid the hefty fines that come along with speeding?

It’s absolutely brilliant. Best of all, the method works internationally, in every country in the world! Scroll down to see how.

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Here’s how to cleverly avoid speeding fines

1. Look closely at the signs on the road and how they show you the speed limit. The number indicated is the maximum speed you can travel. Whether you’re on foot, on a bike or in a car.

2. Try to locate your car’s speedometer. You normally find it somewhere in front of the driver’s seat, on the dashboard. It has an arrow pointing to the number that reflects the car’s speed. On newer cars, the speed is sometimes displayed digitally, with numbers.

3. This last point is also the hardest. Adjust your speed according to the number shown on the road sign. The Police cannot fine you if you do not drive over this number.

Strangely, there seem to be surprisingly too few who are aware of this simple yet genius trick. Best of all, if you stick to it, you’ll never have to pay a speeding fine EVER again! Even better — the road will become much safer for everyone!

Share this smart trick with everyone you know so that they learn about it, too!

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