An interesting discussion that many of you are having…

An interesting discussion that many of you are having…

From the Fed: (full article attached)

“The current legislation leaves police drivers vulnerable: it is illegal to engage in pursuit or response drives. This is because there are no exemptions in the current legislation that take into account the high level of specialised training officers are given. All driving standards are measured against that of a non-police trained “competent and careful driver”.

According to the law, ‘dangerous driving’ includes speeding, ignoring traffics signals, or overtaking dangerously. There can also be liability for causing others to drive dangerously.

Officers who have engaged in pursuits or response drivers have, in the past, been charged with dangerous driving, even if no complaints were made, and no one was injured (the outcome is not the matter that should be considered although it almost always is the catalyst).”

The only thing missing from the article appears to be the most important part…. Guidance.

What exactly are you meant to do in the meantime?

If it’s illegal, it’s illegal.

Should you be risking your pension and that cheeky 1% payrise to break the law?