You just wouldn’t believe the things Cops come across on patrol…!

Police Officers spot 'human foot' hanging from car boot whilst on routine patrol


Police Officers on a routine patrol in Wrexham were somewhat shocked to see what they thought was a human foot hanging from the boot of a car.

They made the 'ghoulish' discovery hanging out of the back of a convertible blue Audi A4 on Thursday night. Thankfully for them - and the amount of paperwork they’d have to fill in - it turned out to be a Halloween prop.

But it was so realistic, North Wales Police Officer Thomas Hough tweeted @UK Cop Humour about the fright it gave him and his colleagues.


He said: "We love a practical joke in the police… this one didn't half give colleagues a fright when they come across this car!"

At first glance, they Officers thought they were looking at bare human foot and part of a black trouser leg trapped in the trunk.


The incident formed part of a busy night for Officers in Wrexham, with PC Hough stating there were a number of incidents that included a domestic assault caught on CCTV in the town centre and a drink drive arrest.

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