Why “single crewing” isnt acceptable at any time of day…

Fair play to this Bobby who does an amazing job in the circumstances. It’s just lucky that they were two idiots wrestling him rather than actively filling him in.

What does this show? It clearly demonstrates that one Officer isn’t enough against a single non-compliant person of similar strength and build. Throw another into the mix and they’re hopelessly outnumbered.

Yes, they have basic training. That’s it. It’s not great by any means. They’re not cage fighters, yet sometimes they’re expected to be.

As for the ABSOLUTE scumbag recording “the Fed got banged” (utterly hilarious…) – you buddy are everything that’s wrong with society. If, one day, you get “banged” ‘coz someone wants your mobile, innit, don’t dare call the Police for help. Man up and sort it yourself. He should be traced to his school or college and asked to explain his actions in front of his year group with parents and Police there to assist.

As we say, complete kudos to this Bobby for keeping his cool and not losing the suspect.

Only thing to add is, DON’T BE AFRAID TO START THROWING HAYMAKERS JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE BEING FILMED. If your safety is at risk – you can justify it. Hell, you can justify almost anything if someone has their arms around your neck.

Stay safe out there.