Well, if THIS doesn’t need to be highlighted…

Well, if THIS doesn’t need to be highlighted…

Hope the people that were quick to CRITICISE are as quick to SHARE!

Hi everyone, recently this was shared on the main GMP Facebook Page complaining that officers were shopping whilst on duty. For anyone that saw the officers at B&Q in Altrincham that day this is the explanation:

The 2 officers were picking these 2 fences up for an elderley victim of criminal damage. A young boy had damaged her fence and instead of criminalising him we used a process called restorative justice whereby he apologised to the victim and his parents offered to pay for 2 new fence panels.

Unfortunatley the boys parents didn’t have facility to pick up the fence panels and neither did the victim.

We therefore offered to go and pick up the fence panels for her and dropped them at her house.

We were actually doing a good deed for someone. Something we do every day.