UKCH Public Service Announcement:

UKCH Public Service Announcement:

Boys and Girls, the small matter of NATO is soon to arrive on the doorstep of South Wales – and our finest Police Constables from all over the country will be travelling there to keep the peace.

We just want to wish you all the very best of luck and also give you a friendly reminder (for free) of a few things…

1) Stay safe and look after each other. There will doubtless be SOME people going who want to do you harm. Remember, hold the line and no-one gets left behind!

2) Cameras. Smart phones. They will ALL be in your face. DON’T react. You’re doing your job and a fine one at that! As soon as you focus on the fact that you’re being filmed you’ve lost the battle. Keep them at arms length, by all means, but remain proud and positive and know your powers! Protesters will – so brush up before you go. YouTube videos usually show Bobbies DOING the right thing – they just forget why under pressure.

3) Be careful with Social Media. With the PSNI deployment last year, their Social Media Team kindly got in touch with us for help and advice to keep Bobbies out of trouble. We always vet anything you send in anyway. We would be disappointed if we didn’t get any funny photos – but anything that would compromise you or Police Intelligence would be deleted. Anything else can be edited. Please, please be careful with anything you post on your own pages. Scrutiny will be higher than ever. Don’t mention WHERE you are or WHAT you’re doing. Turn locations off too.

4) Enjoy yourselves! Ten thousand Bobbies from all over the place. Talk about missing forks, cut backs, how bad the vehicles are, paperwork, silly policies, etc etc. Share stories and meet new friends! Make sure you all like this page! Stay out of trouble! (Yes, it sometimes happens…)


Above all, enjoy it.

Remember, LOTS and LOTS of really nice people go to protest legitimately – and you’ll meet some very intelligent and well informed people. Not everyone hates you!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, the UKCH Team is off to chain themselves to a tree by the Celtic Manor*.

*Not really. Stand down!