Two posts for the price of one!

Two posts for the price of one!

My work colleagues have told me to share this with you. Due to the current climate it may be a nice thing for officers to hear?

To cut a long story short, my 12 year old daughter was allowed to ‘come to work with parents’ (school thing) with me in Control Room. Afterwards, I asked her to write a message to the officers she’d been listening to towards the end of shift and this is what she wrote:
(I let her transmit it to local officers too)

“I don’t know many professions where you have to have a panic button for your own safety, and yet you were all brave enough to choose it anyway. Your jobs are so much deeper than people realise and I admire that.

Not only do you have to put yourself in danger but you also have to neutralise the danger itself. Thank you so much for letting me see all this and I hope you never have to actually use your panic button.”

(She’s always been an old soul!)

Also, here is our Kasper (not a land shark) helping me open my winning pin badge.

Many thanks xx