The “Thin Blue Line”.

The “Thin Blue Line”.

To some it’s just an emblem, to us, it’s a family crest.

It symbolises the ‘line’ of Officers that stand between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ – putting themselves between us and harm.

PC Keith Palmer was an ordinary copper, in that he said goodbye to his family, he arrived at work, opened his locker and put his kit on. He had his daily briefing, had a cuppa with his colleagues and set out on his duties for the day.

But it was a day like no other.

PC Palmer didn’t go home.

He didn’t get to say goodbye to his family.

He didn’t get to hang his kit up or take his boots off at the end of the day.

Today, thousands and thousands of Officers decend on London. Why? Because they’ve lost a family member – one who died on the gates of parliament defending the very democracy we all hold dear to our hearts.

Plenty of people criticise the Police. The newspapers shamefully use an anti-Police rhetoric to create headlines and sell newspapers – sadly, barely a day after the tragic event. Ironically, they are ABLE to do this BECAUSE of the protection afforded to them by the brave boys and girls who Police our country.

PC Palmer is a hero who will never be forgotten.

Today, at 2pm, please try and find two minutes to join the #ThinBlueLine in a moment of silence. If it’s not possible (because of Policing) then, when you hang up your stab vest or kit belt at the end of the day, please bow your head in respect for a fallen hero.

Any other posts today will be concerning the funeral/procession as a mark of our respect.