SALE: Lucky Dip Limited Edition* Mugs!


N.B. This image is representative of some of our mugs… We normally warn you that the colours may vary slightly and that the final product looks even better – but in this case, the final product could well be crapper! 😛

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* Limited Edition in the sense that there’s something uniquely wrong with them!

We’re having a clear out of mugs that have one or more of the following: printing errors/mis colours/minor chips on the outside/marks in the ceramic from when the mug was made – etc etc – but are otherwise too good to throw out! Therefore, we thought we’d sell them as LUCKY DIPS – yes, you could get absolutely ANY mug from our range

Do your bit for the planet**! Save on wastage and buy one of these bad boys at an EXCLUSIVE 60% off our normal price of only £8.00!

**Kind of.

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