Is Asda’s “Colossal Clyde” the new standard in Cake Fine Punishment?

As brought to you by the fine folks at HotUKDeals, we’re thrilled to report that Asda are bringing out a huge foot and a half long (45cm) Caterpillar Cake called “Colossal Clyde” on April 8th – both online and in-store – it’s not an April Fool’s joke!

At a bargain price of £12.00, Clyde is much cheaper than the current giant M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake which is £40 (yes, forty bloody quid!!) and allegedly serves 40 people… PLUS it needs to be ordered in advance.

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Clyde, however, is a chocolate Swiss roll, filled with buttercream, encased in milk chocolate and then decorated with rainbow coloured sprinkles. He also has an icing face with eyes, nose and a mouth.

Considering that this will pay off pretty much ANY dropped b*ll*ck in work – suddenly £12 seems like a bargain!

You can click HERE and bookmark the page if you know you’ll be needing Clyde’s services soon!

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Police Mutual. Find out more...