How to Get Yourself Nicked by Essex Police in a Few Easy Steps…

Public Service Announcement: In life, you are often faced with choices – and some of these choices have two simple outcomes. One is good and one is bad.

Take, for example, this dude. Pulled over for having an illegal window tint. He must have thought to himself, “I KNOW I could be polite, unobstructive and probably be on my way in a few minutes… but that’s not going to make for a very interesting Facebook video!”

He then proceeds to go about being a Grade A numpty, and, when threatened with arrest for non-compliance – decides that he WILL in fact be arrested.

Three hours later, he leaves the nick seemingly happy that he’s “stuck it to the man*” and even gets a lift back to his car.

Kids, there’s an easier way. Don’t be stupid, don’t be argumentative and when you’re pulled over for doing something wrong – deal with it like an adult.

*Our words, not his.

An excellent and professional job by Essex Police.