Got another story for you from a fan this week.

Got another story for you from a fan this week.

Hi UKCH! Anonymous if you can…?

So a day after our First Aid training I managed to put all that I learnt into practice the following day.

Went to a crash on a busy motorway where a HGV had crashed into the back of a stationary car. The scene was quite nasty and the damage to the car was pretty bad.

I went to the car and saw that the two people in the front were pretty poorly – but conscious.

My attention was drawn to a female in the back though, who was massively pregnant and trapped. All you could see was this massive bump sticking out between the gap between the two front seats. I was really worried about her as she wasn’t moving or talking. I couldn’t see any other part of her apart from this big bump. I instinctively reached out to feel the bump to see if I could feel the baby kicking (I know bugger all about pregnant women!)

I was running my hands over her bump trying to feel for something. It took me a few seconds before my brain caught up with me and I realised that what had happened was she hadn’t been wearing her seatbelt and had actually rotated around in the crash. What I actually was feeling was her bum, which was sticking out!

Needless to say I removed my hand fairly quickly and left my mate to look after her, whilst I stayed with the ones in the front.

I’m now known as “The Fondler” at work!!