Following a LOT of comments yesterday from our fans in the Met – we spoke to a few Fed Reps who have clarified the following for you.

Following a LOT of comments yesterday from our fans in the Met – we spoke to a few Fed Reps who have clarified the following for you.


First Note: You CANNOT be ordered to stay on without being paid. That means they CAN’T make you work for TOIL. You CAN go home at that point. If you are ORDERED to work then you are PAID. Simples.

The problem is, as stated by many, that continuing to work for free perpetuates the cycle.

You are all adults. If a Boss shouts at you, so what? Your mental health, your well-being and your families are the most important thing.

You can’t be disciplined for refusing to work for free.

THAT said, not a single one of you is going to be daft enough to comment below saying “But what if I’m in the middle of a domestic assault?? Do I just walk out??” We’re SURE no one would be stupid enough to ask that…


No-one would EVER suggest you walk out of the middle of an incident. That would be stupid and negligent.

The difference is, the first half hour you (normally) work on is for free. (Technically it’s not “free” as it was “bought out” years ago in a pay rise before most of you were born.) However, if you are working on at an incident over half an hour – you should get paid. Or, the Duty Inspector gets you relief and gets you off within that half hour.

Otherwise, claim it. If they bounce the claim go to the Fed and demand they fight it for you.

There’s a whole culture of people NOT claiming OVERTIME or EXPENSES because “it’s too complicated” or “it’s too much hassle” or “I don’t know how to do it…”

Not good enough!

If you had a complicated fraud and you didn’t know how to deal with it you’d ask someone. Then you’d fill the forms in. Why won’t you do it for money you’re entitled to?

Things you should do religiously:

1) CLAIM OVERTIME. Your pensions have been annihilated. WHY wouldn’t you want every penny you’re owed?

2) DON’T WORK FOR FREE. If, half an hour after your shift you’re ordered to work on its for payment. Clarify it. Get the authorising Officers name and number. No pay – no way. POLICE REGS are your friend. They cover all this.

3) IF YOU WORK ON OR DO OVERTIME, CLAIM FOOD AND TRAVELLING EXPENSES. Again, it’s all in Regs. WE’VE read it. Why haven’t you? It’s in your diaries. CLAIM IT!

4) If you work on after your normal shift FOUR times in a set – you lose your first half hour. No point moaning. That’s how it is. HOWEVER if you work on a FIFTH occasion – YOU GET THE FIRST FOUR HALF HOURS BACK AS PAID OVERTIME. No ifs, no buts, it is what it is. It’s in Regs too.

5) CAN I BE FORCED TO TAKE TOIL THAT I’VE BUILT UP? The simple answer is NO. Police Regulations state that the choice of compensation claimed for working overtime rests with the officer. If compensation is claimed by way of ‘time-off in lieu’ and this time is not granted within three months then this should automatically be paid into your salary. However, this is not an automatic process. It may become so in the future, but, for the time being, if you are being told to take the time off, and you do not wish to take it and you do not want to keep it on record to use later, then ask for the time to be paid instead!! (Annex H 1 e – Police Regulations)

You should however, remember that both you and your line manager are responsible for managing how much time you have held in this way and that you should make every effort to take time off within three months of having worked the additional hour.

6) If you work overtime on a Rest Day you can claim travelling expenses to work from home and back. Only a few quid? IT ALL ADDS UP.

7) IF YOU WORK ON AFTER SHIFT ON OVERTIME THEN YOU CAN CLAIM A MEAL ON THE WAY HOME. You buy it, keep the receipt and claim it back. Too much hassle? You’re losing out on what you’re entitled to. Why??

8) It’s up to YOU to make sure this gets paid and if you have any problems then it’s up to YOU to contact your Federation Office and have THEM fight your battle. That’s their job and it’s why you pay subs.

Look at it this way…

Let’s say you work 1 HOUR overtime a week that you don’t claim. A mid-scale PC is on roughly £20 an hour at TIME AND A THIRD for that hour. So, if you don’t claim it you’re losing APPROXIMATELY £80 a month (being generous and going on a 28 day month) and if we multiply it by 12 that means that BY NOT CLAIMING ONE HOUR A WEEK THAT YOU’RE ENTILTLED TO YOURE LOSING OUT ON A POTENTIAL £960 A YEAR!!

It gets worse…!

Let’s assume that everyone does that from probation to retirement. A “career” is looking like 35 years these days… So, £960 x 35 =


Yes, that’s THIRTY THREE THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED POUNDS for a measley ONE HOUR A WEEK that you’re not claiming.

You do four hours a week? Multiply that by four and weep.

Police Regulations are bloody hard work to understand, but they’re there FOR YOU. There are some old sweats that know them inside out and claim every penny – so why on earth don’t you?

You’re literally losing out on tens of thousands of pounds – if not VASTLY more over your career.


**** By all means, DON’T take our word as Gospel but DO use it to go and find these things out for yourselves. PLEASE. It’s YOUR livelihood. ****