Dog handler in court:

Dog handler in court:

A Magistrate asks the Officer to give his own account of the incident. The Officer says; Your Worship, I approached the individual and said to him ‘If you don’t desist in your actions I will be forced to release my dog – and harm may come to you as a result.’

Whereupon he replied; If you do that I will be forced to defend myself!

I then released the aforementioned dog and the Defendant suffered cuts to his arm.

The Magistrate said “Thank you Officer, but, in order to try this case I need to know EXACTLY what transpired?”

The Dog Handler replied; Yes Sir. My exact words to the Defendant were ‘Stop or I’ll set my fucking dog on you!’

He shouted back ‘If you let that fucking mutt loose I’ll fucking kill it!’ so I let the fucking dog loose and it fucking bit him, Your Worship!”

A brief Recess was called while the Magistrate tried to compose himself