** Competition Alert **

** Competition Alert **

So, here’s the deal… The long awaited book by Police Commander John SUTHERLAND is released on May 25th!

We have read it. It’s powerful. It’s relatable. He may be a ranking officer, but, he’s as much a copper’s copper as you’ll ever meet. If you’ve read any of his blogs then you know what to expect.

We’ll have more to say on that in the coming days, but, we have a SIGNED copy of the book to give away on Facebook & Twitter. Not only that, but we’re going to pre-order a few more to give away as well.

Already pre-ordered? Worry not. We’ve got some #ThinBlueLine pin badges to give away in the comments! (We will expect proof by way of a screenshot if you’re trying for one of those!)

We also have a load of other bits and bobs we’re going to give away during the night to people that comment below. Who knows what you could win?!

So, to recap:

🔹️ This is a competition.
🔹️ LIKE & SHARE this post. (We’ll check!)
🔹️ THREE pre-orders of “Blue: A Memoir” to give away.
🔹️ Random bits to comments below!

You can tell us a joke, or tag your friends/colleagues. They can also tag you!

Either way, our aim is simple. GET THIS BOOK TO NUMBER ONE IN THE CHARTS. It’s an honest and open account of Policing, the joys, the struggles, and depression. It deserves to be read by everyone.

Good luck!