Colleague requires assistance!

Colleague requires assistance!

We’ve been made aware that one of our Police family members is suffering – currently in hospital – fighting the debilitating illness that is Depression.

Until very recently she was posting a daily joke on Facebook to try and inject some positivity into the daily grind – and now she really needs some of that positivity back.

Please join her friends and colleagues by posting a joke (bad, good, controversial) with the hashtag #JokeForGemma to let her know that her family in blue are thinking of her and are right behind her on the road to recovery. You can post it below or as a public status that can be searched for using that hashtag.

Remember, as well as looking after everyone else you HAVE to look after yourself boys and girls.

If you or any of your colleagues are struggling, PLEASE get in touch with Call4Backup​ – it’s never too late to start talking, you’re never alone (just come to this page for a TON of daft sods to talk to 24/7!) and there is ALWAYS hope. x